Monday, November 23, 2009

Wish Big Layout

This is the layout I've made with the last of my November N'Titled contributions. The photo is of my DD on her birthday but I made this layout because of the list of thing she wanted for her birthday :-)

Basic Grey Porcelain - chantilly, stafford, doulton
Bazzill carstock
SU! spiral punch
brown ink
brown daisy paper flowers
WB:- title and flowers

Because you won't be able to read the list here is what it says

Deanna’s 8th Birthday wish list
• Two raspberry bushes
• Candy making machine
• Play equipment that has everything
• Lots and lots of flowers
• Twenty packets of lined paper books [with sixty- four pages]
• Two packets of pencils
• My own phone
• I pod
• Skate board [from the reject shop]
• Movies like, ice age number three, monsters verses aliens and Cinderella number two
• Tattoos
• Lots of fairy and unicorn books
• Horse
• One puppy
• Canoe sailing
• Five ropes of wool for knitting
• Baby doll

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