Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2nd November N'Titled file

I've found that since I've started scrapping that I've joined many groups and forums and formed fabulous friendships with people all around the world. I made this title because I need to scrap some photos of a first time meeting of some of these people in real life!. If you don't need the IRL part of the file just use the "friends" part for a photo of you and your bff or kids who are best buddy's etc


Karin said...

Just a thought .. would you possibly be able to include a capitol G with this title .. then people could use it to say Girl Friends also :)

joanne6523 GSD files said...

Nice idea Karin but this file has already been distributed to lots of N'Titled club members so there is no going back. Because there are so many fonts used in this file you could easily cut the "girl" in any font you choose and either position them around the curve of the "f" or vertical in front of the "friends".........just some ideas anyway.

Karin said...

See .. I knew you would have a solution LOL Great idea! Thanks :)