Monday, December 31, 2007


These are obviously the last files for 2007. Thankyou everyone for your kind words and support over the last 6 weeks since I started this blog.

I've created these 2 scout files because my daughter just loves being a scout and all the fun that goes along with it. I also have a few more scout files that are still in the designing stage.

I made "Proud Scout" to go with the photos of my daughter when she was invested. The scout salute is also included separately for anyone who wished to use it with a different title or as a separate element.

Proud Scout = $1.99 AUD

Scouting fun was made for the photos I have taken of all the great adventures that scouts get up to. The canoe element is also included separately so that it can be used separately or with an alternative title.

Scouting Fun = $1.99 AUD

Happy New Year everyone and I look forward to posting lots more files in 2008.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Summer Fun

This file is a 3 layered sun with summer fun cut around the middle. I haven't decided what I'm going to use it on yet but thought it would be perfect for all sorts of summer activities like kicking the ball around the yard, water pistol fights, making sand castles etc.
Summer Fun Sun = $1.99 AUD

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Present titles

Well Christmas is over, the presents are unwrapped, photos have been taken, mess is cleaned up and now its time to scrap.

I've made both these titles for the photos of my kids unwrapping their presents on Christmas morning. I haven't decided which one I'm going to use yet. I cut them both in Christmas colours but they could easily be cut in different colours for birthday pages, or even opening wedding gifts etc.

Opening presents is a double mounted title, the detail on the presents is created by a negative cut so there is not lots of little pieces to adhere

Opening Presents = $2.49 AUD

Gifts Galore is a double mounted title and presents in a line element for embellishing a page.

Gifts Galore = $2.49 AUD

Monday, December 17, 2007

Pool Play

This file was made for all those photos of the kids having fun in the pool. Because I like my files to be versatile there is also a "Pool Party" version included in the file.

Pool Play = $2.49 AUD

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Decorative corners

Before I bought my craft robo I had sizzix, lots and lots of sizzix. I was also working on an heirloom album so I just loved my architectural accents dies. Anyway I sold all my sizzix when I got my robo and I have to admit I miss my architectural accents now that I have started to look towards completing my heirloom album. That is why I've created these, I test cut them at 6cm/ 2 1/4 inches to ensure that they could be cut that small but it is my intention to cut them large. I'm planning on cutting them the full size of a carrier sheet in either vellum or a subtle complimentary colour and placing it over some perfect fit paper. I thought this would look lovely on more formal pages.
Decorative Corners = $2.49 AUD

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wild Weather

In June this year we had a huge storm, trees were coming down, boats were washing ashore and I took some photos of our backyard flooding even though we live on a hill. I've made this title to go with those photos and to commemorate the wettest weather I have ever lived through. The white wind lines and the rain drops are actually the background showing through, they cut through the letters and the mat so there is not a whole lot of fiddly adhering. I have done a little chalking on the twister.

Wild Weather = $2.49 AUD

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Go Team

I made this file today for my daughters school athletics carnival pages. I have kept the 2 words of the title separate so they can be used anywhere on the page or pages. The cheerleaders are also included separately in case anyone wants to use them separate to the title.

Go Team title = $1.99 AUD

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Born to Ride

OK I'll be honest I really like this file and can't wait to put it in my album. My kids were given a motorised motorbike by my husbands boss and this file is going to be perfect for the photos of them riding it. With this file you will get all 3 versions so you can adapt it for your little rider. The tricycle, bicycle and motorbike element are also included separately in case someone wanted to use the elsewhere on a page or even on a different page. Anyway got to go scrap my photos, hope you like
Born to Ride = $2.49 AUD

Monday, December 10, 2007

Going Formal

I made this file to go with the photos of my daughter in her winter uniform, she has to wear a very formal uniform with tie, blazer, pinafore etc. Anyway I thought it would also go nicely on pages where men or boys get all dressed up. They so rarely do it that you can't miss getting a photo of them in their finest.
Going Formal = $1.99 AUD

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dear Santa

I think children writing letters to Santa is one of the most wonderful things about Christmas. The kids start to get excited and Mummy and Daddy get to find out exactly what will make Christmas morning special. I made this as a present for my creative memories consultant after seeing the letters her children had written for Santa. If you purchase this file you will get the title and scroll element, the letters on the scroll cut in the negative so there is not hundreds of little pieces to adhere.
Dear Santa = $2.99 AUD

Friday, December 7, 2007

Its time for the Tooth Fairy

My daughters first tooth has just started to wobble. She is very excited because she is the last one in her class to start loosing her teeth. The tooth fairy is being discussed everyday and she is wondering how much money she will get when it finally falls out. This is a real milestone moment so I can't wait to be able to scrap this. The title is triple mounted and the teeth can be cut with or without the smiley faces, depending on how sharp your blade is and how sticky your mat is. The fairy is welded with the bottom mat.
Tooth Fairy Title = $2.49 AUD

Monday, December 3, 2007

Birthday girl

This was created at the same time as the Birthday boy file but I will be using it for my daughters last birthday which was over 6 months ago and I still have not printed the photos let alone scrapped them.
Birthday girl = $2.49 AUD

Birthday Boy

I created this for my sons upcoming birthday pages. You will get the double matted, paper piecing title.

Birthday boy = $2.49 AUD

Birthday Card mesh

I made this a while ago and just love having it saved on my computer. This is such a simple way of creating a gorgeous birthday card. It is the perfect size for just popping on the front of your folded A5 card stock.
Birthday card mesh = $1.99 AUD

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Star titles

My DD school has a showcase performance every year and I'm getting ready to scrap the photos from the 2007 concert. I haven't decided what title I am going to use yet so I've created 3. With this file you will get all 3 titles and the star element. AHHH now to go and decide which one I'll use.

Star titles = $2.49 AUD

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Making Music

My daughter is learning to play the violin and I made these files for the photos of her with her new weapon of choice. To be honest I would not call it music yet but I didn't think the title "is that a cat being strangled I hear" would be appropriate. I think these files would be perfect for anyone who plays an instrument, is in the band, performs in a concert or just mucks around with karaoke. Hope you like.

Making music title = $1.99 AUD

Music Mesh = $2.99 AUD

Making music bundle = $4.99 (includes making music title. music mesh and music frames.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Swing Title

My kids love to swing so I made this file for some photos I have of them. It comes with 4 different mats to make it more versatile.
1. boy & girl swinging
2. boy only swinging
3. girl only swinging
4. no children swinging
the swinging children also come separately in case anyone wanted to cut them and attach the to their own title or journal box etc.
Swing Title = $1.99 AUD

Monday, November 26, 2007

Beach Babes title & elements

Its coming into summer here and I intend to spend lots of time at the beach with my kids. To make the title more versatile I have included a mat for "Babe" as well as "Babes" for those people with only on child. You will get the files for everything you can see. The sand castle, shell and starfish are a negative cut so you do not have to adhere lots of little pieces.
Beach Babes Title & elements = $2.49 AUD

Monday, November 19, 2007

Carols by Candlelight

My daughters school is having their Carols by Candlelight in 2 weeks and she is performing so I thought I would get myself prepared for future scrapbooking. The only thing I've added after cutting is a little bit of chalking around the flame and the melted wax. I'm really happy with this file because even though it looks like a difficult cut my robo cut it in no time.
Carols by candlelight = $1.99 AUD

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Almost an Angel

I appreciate that these colours will not be every bodies cup of tea. I made the file because I have a photo of my son fast asleep on the lounge. He was wearing blue PJ's and the lounge is terracotta in colour. The advantage of GSD files is you can cut them in any colour you like.
My son is a real "Ginger Meggs" he is always up to mischief and always getting into trouble, but when he is asleep he looks like an absolute angel.
Almost an Angel = $1.99 AUD

Xmas corners and title box

If you choose to purchase them you will get all 6 files and and the JPG images for future reference. I made the corners to be used on opposite corners of a 2 page spread but they could be used in so many other ways. The title box is 4 seperate cuts layered on top of each other. The gold on the red holly berrys and the leaf veins on the lighter green are drawn 0n. Hope you like

xmas corners and title box = $5.99 AUD

I'm Scrabooking

This file is great for scrapbooking your photos of yourself scrapping, could also be used to create a sign for you scrapping space.
I'm Scrapbooking GSD = $2.49 AUD

Friday, November 16, 2007

Who's walking who

This file was also created for a scrapshare swap, this time the outdoor activities WB swap. I made it because I had some gorgeous photos of my 2 kids trying to walk our not so small dog. The title is welded and matted and the dog feature is a separate element so can be placed anywhere.
Who's walking who = $1.99 AUD