Sunday, December 16, 2007

Decorative corners

Before I bought my craft robo I had sizzix, lots and lots of sizzix. I was also working on an heirloom album so I just loved my architectural accents dies. Anyway I sold all my sizzix when I got my robo and I have to admit I miss my architectural accents now that I have started to look towards completing my heirloom album. That is why I've created these, I test cut them at 6cm/ 2 1/4 inches to ensure that they could be cut that small but it is my intention to cut them large. I'm planning on cutting them the full size of a carrier sheet in either vellum or a subtle complimentary colour and placing it over some perfect fit paper. I thought this would look lovely on more formal pages.
Decorative Corners = $2.49 AUD

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