Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Princess Bear

I've made another bear. This one is a princess bear and would be gorgeous on a little girls page or perfect on the front of a card. I've also made a Prince Charming Bear but I haven't got around to cutting him yet.

Princess Bear = $1.99 AUD

All my files are available in GSD KNK AI WPC & SVG, they come in a zip file containing all 5 formats

Monday, May 26, 2008

pretty as a princess

This file is pretty self explanatory but here are a few ideas for how it could be used. For a little girl playing dress ups, a Bride, off to the prom / formal etc

Pretty as a princess = $1.99 AUD

some more layouts

Hi everyone I just thought I would start the week by sharing some more layouts. I've been scrapping quite a bit lately because I'm so far behind and I'm going on holiday in 6 weeks and I know that I'll come back with a whole heap of photos and be even further behind :)

This page is of Christmas morning last year. I used the "opening presents " title

This page is my children at a mini water park. I used the "splashing good fun" title and I love the effect of cutting the photos on angles.

This page is my darling children experimenting with make-up. I used the simply gorgeous title

This is my son making sand castles last summer. I used the sand sculpting title and then recreated the squares to make the page balance.

My Mum bought my kids their first surf boards this past summer so that is why the surfs up title was created.

Ahhh, my little superhero. Title was cut exactly as shown here on the blog and the spiders were a simple trace off a spiderman shirt.

Anyhow I hope you like them and can maybe get some ideas for your own layouts

Friday, May 23, 2008

You're my cup of tea

This file contains the cup to go with the teapot in the previous file. You could use them together or separately. Because this file doesn't contain a bear or rabbit it could also be used on an adult page. Scrap some photos of you and some dear friends catching up for coffee or use it as a nice compliment to your husband etc.

You're my cup of tea = $2.49 AUD


Tea bundle = $4.49 AUD (includes "friends 4 tea" & "You're my cup of tea"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

friends 4 tea

I made this file because little girls everywhere love a tea party. They'll have one with their real friends or with their stuffed animals / doll friends. This file includes the double matted title and the teapot PP. Would also be really cut for invitations.
Friends 4 tea = $2.99 AUD

Tea bundle = $4.49 AUD (includes "friends 4 tea" & "You're my cup of tea"

Monday, May 19, 2008

some of my layouts

I've had some people ask me if I actually use my own files and that they would love to see my albums. Well of course I use my own files and to prove it I thought I would share some of my layouts.
This one is my daughters first day in her winter school uniform using the going formal file

This page is a family day at Avoca Beach using the Beach Babes file. I just love the little photos of my kids fast asleep in the car on the way home :)
This page is when my husband brought home a present from his boss for the kids. They just love this battery operated motor bike and I used the born to ride file

This page is a photo of my son who has fallen asleep on the sofa. I've used this photo to do some honest journalling so that in the future he knows how much I love him but how difficult he can be. I've used the Almost an Angel file.

This page is obviously my daughter with her violin. I've used the making music title, the music mesh and the music frames (the square in the top corner is one of the frames cut down an mounted to make an element)

These pages are my daughters school athletics carnival. I've used the go team file and created a simple welded word to complement it.

These pages are my sons pre-school Christmas concert. I've used the Christmas concert file and some of the elements from the making music title. I've also cut the poinsettia from the title again and used it as an extra embellishment.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

4WD baby

This file was created for scrapping all those crawling photos. Could easily be used for both girls and boys. Hope you like

4WD baby = $2.49 AUD

OK its done

After many hours chained to the computer I'm happy to say that all my files will now come in a zip file containing a GSD, KNK, AI, WPC & SVG formats of the file. As always there will also be a JPG of the finnished cut product. For the moment this should mean that everyone with a cutter should be able to use my files including cricut users with the SCAL program.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Bear

I should start by saying that I don't make tear bears. I have a cutter that cost me a lot of money so why would I want to spend ours tearing little bits of paper. That being said I think they are quite cute and can make a gorgeous addition to scrapbook pages or cards. So I've decided to make some bear files that can be used by people like me. I decided to post this one first because I've been posting so many baby files. This little bear cuts beautifully and is small enough that it could go on the front of a card or be used as an embellishment on any baby scrapbook page.

Baby Bear = $1.99

Baby feet border

This file is a 12 inch border of gorgeous little baby feet. Perfect border to accompany any of my baby titles or create a title of your own. I think this border would be nice on any page featuring a child under 18 months old. I've scanned my test cut over a strip of paper but there is a mat included with the file if you wanted to use that. Border is 12 inches long and approximately 2 inches wide.

Baby feet border = $1.99

Friday, May 9, 2008

Baby steps

This is the "Baby steps" version of the "first steps" file. I cut this one in girl colours so that you could see how nice either of the files would look for either gender. Other than using this for a child learning to walk this file could also be used as a cute alternative on any page about making small progressive steps forward, like what happens when you renovate etc.

Baby steps = $1.99 AUD

Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Steps

This title was designed to be used with those very special photos of your babies starting to walk. I've test cut it in boy colours but it could easily be cut in girls colours. I've made another similar title with the words "Baby steps" but I haven't scanned it yet so it will have to be posted tomorrow. I've also done a border so I'll get that up soon as well.

First Steps = $1.99 AUD

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sweet as Honey

I made this cute little title to go with photos of my kids being sweet, too sweet if you know what I mean.

Sweet as honey = $2.49 AUD

Bee with honeycomb lattice

I made this file to go with the "sweet as honey" title but included the words in case anyone wanted to use it for a card. The words I've included are just a couple of cute little buzzy things to give people an idea of titles to write. This file could also be used as an embellishment or stick a bit of vellum over it for a cute journal box.

Bee with honeycomb lattice = $2.99 AUD

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I made this title because my daughter is such a bookworm. She loves to read and is actually a very gifted reader for her age. Deanna always has her nose buried in a book so I have lots of photos to capture this part of her life.

Bookworm = $2.49 AUD


Books bundle (books PP + bookworm title) = $3.99 AUD

Books PP

I think this file is so versatile, use it for a trip to the library, reading groups, story time or simply just photos of your child reading. It could also be used on posters for the book fair or stall. Purchase it on its own or in a bundle with the bookworm title.

Books PP = $2.49 AUD


Books bundle (Books PP with bookworm title) = $3.99