Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was planning on having a layout ready to share today but life got in the way. The last few days have been spent looking after my son who slipped in the bathroom and hit his jaw on the edge of the bath. Luckily for him its not broken but still extremely painful.

Like a good scrapper I've taken photos. The swelling is quite impressive but when the bruise finally works its way to the surface I'll have to remember to get a shot of that as well.


Gail said...

What a trooper he is! Poor guy - hope the pain doesn't last long.

Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

Awww...poor little guy!!! The profile shot really shows how uncomfortable he is. I can see it in his eyes. Do me a favor...tell him "puffy face and all...he's still a good looking young man" for me. He is quite a cutie. I sure hope he feels better soon. Hisses, Rockin Robin