Friday, August 8, 2008

Elephant Titles

Now every page needs a title and I've created 2 to go with the elephants

This one incorporates the leaves and comes as either "Elephant" or "Elephants". I've made it so it can be versatile and personalised by just adding a few simple words. For me it is going to be "Elephant Trek" but it could be "Elephant Show", "Majestic Elephants", "Toronga Zoo Elephants" or anything else you can come up with. Its hard to see in the scan but the title is actually double mounted.
I've made this title for people who don't actually have elephant photo's to scrap but like thinking outside the square. I can see this title being used on a new born baby page with some of the elephants and some journalling about how incredible it is that someone so small can evoke so much love. This same concept could be adapted to any page including wedding pages or anything else where you want to use a cute concept to express great emotion.
I think the elephants would also be cute on a pregnancy page with a title like "Thankfully I'm not an Elephant". I'm not saying this to be mean but Elephants are pregnant for 22 months and I think some journalling about how incredible it has been to be pregnant and watching your body change but how thankful you are that it is only 9 months.
Over the weekend I'll put my pages together. On Monday I will post my layouts and the completed bundle with price.
Elephant Titles = $2.99 AUD (for both titles together)

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