Monday, December 1, 2008


The sale is over and I hope all those who wanted a bargain got one. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, I'm still a little amazed when anyone wants to buy my files because honestly I make them for myself and my own albums. I've been selling my files for over a year now and although sometimes I feel pressured to create something new, most of the time its just pure fun :-)

With one year down I've got some plans for the next year.

I've had a lady (Karon) approach me about being part of a creative team. I had a look at Karon's work and she creates lovely pages with my files. Her style is quite different to mine so I thought her pages will show everyone a completely different way of using the same files, which should be inspirational to all. If this goes well I will definitely consider having a few more people as part of the team. If this is the way I decide to go you will read it here first.

I plan on sharing some more free basic files. I have some basic borders made which will appear in the next couple of weeks. I strongly believe that no one should ever have to pay for basic files. If you have some ideas of what basic files you would like to see available let me know by either posting a comment or emailing me. Some of these free files will be posted here and some will be attached to the That's Scrap newsletter so if you haven't signed up for the newsletter make sure you do.

Once again thanyou for your support and hopefully we can have another year full of files and other creative ideas.

Regards Joanne

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my5bratz said...

sounds like a blast....count me in and keep me posted ;0)