Monday, August 10, 2009

Sure-cuts-a-lot V2.0 is in da house!!!

I never purchases V1.0 because I thought the program was to limiting. Not to mention a PITA when you are trying to use multi layered files. Well now that they have upgraded the program and you can choose to only cut one layer at a time I thought why not add it to my ever growing list of computer software.

What does this mean????

Well it means that from now on every file I post will not only come in AI, GSD, KNK, SVG & WPC cutting formats they will also come in SCUT!!!

I am not planning on going back and converting all my older files. They do already contain a SVG version of the file so they can be used by cricut owners. Because not all files will contain a scut version I will make SCAL a label on this blog so those interested will easily be able to see which ones are available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because I purchased SCAL V.2.0 my .scut files will not open in V1.0. Those cricut owners wishing to use my files and not wishing to upgrade their software will have to continue using the .svg file.

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