Monday, February 9, 2009

Currency elements

I know it might seem strange to some but one of the souveniers that I bought home from Thailand was money. I find foriegn currency facsinating, I think it can tell you so much about a country seeing as most currency normally feature past presidents or current monarchy's or historical figures significant to the place you've visited. My fascination started at an early age when my Grangma would send me pound notes for my birthday or Christmas presents. Some of these would get converted into Australian dollars and spent but some of them I kept just to look at. Anyway, because I've saved this money for scrapping I thought I should make some files to showcase them in my album. Below is a whole heap of international currency symbols. They do not cover every country in the world but combined with a few basic letters these symbols can represent the currency's of over 120 countries. Check in over the week to see what I do with these symbols.

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